Summary of the Street Racer

For individuals who like to spend their life one-quarter of a mile at a time comes Street Racer from Pragmatic Play. The creative developer has dabbled in various genres before, but automobiles appear to be the first to really propel their work. Not any old automobiles either. These vehicles are top-tier hot rods, built to get up to speed quickly and then drift around the tightest turns while making their owners look totally chill. If the game has even a fraction of the intensity of these street racers, players are in for a treat. Ready, set, go! Count down from three, two, one.

You can join the action by placing a wager of between 20 percent and $100 or €100 every spin. The return-to-player percentage (RTP) of 96.52% is a positive; this is a number that most spectator racing fans can get behind, however it can be lower depending on the operator’s settings. The concept of volatility is fascinating. The general rating is high at 4.5/5, but players have considerable power over it when it comes to selecting the bonus game alternatives as you will see.

The Las Vegas backdrop includes the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Balloon, and the mighty MGM Lion. The grid has 5 reels and 4 rows. The nighttime scene and the slew of tough punks who make up the grid contribute to the game’s tense, edgy vibe. Everything feels like an episode of Fast & Furious. Who could have guessed Vin Diesel’s and Paul Walker’s bromance film would take as long to reach its inevitable conclusion? The franchise keeps rolling along like a streetcar with broken brakes.

In addition to borrowing heavily from the aesthetics of the film Street Racer, the game also borrows heavily from NetEnt’s popular racing slot, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem. Premiums have five different racers with identical names: Firefly, Alpha, Bolt, Ignite, and Vapor. Five instances of Vapor in a payline are worth 10 times the wager, making him the top dog in this establishment. After the specials, the regulars consist of the four suits of a standard deck of playing cards: diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades.

All 40 active paylines pay off regardless of which combination of symbols appears on the reels. The wild symbol might help you rack up wins like a shot of nitrous oxide. The speedometer-shaped wild appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and it can replace all other symbols outside the scatter.

Street Rally: Specifications

After a first glimpse at the reams of information on the paytable, the features may seem a little confusing. When you strip away all the fluff, Street Racer reveals its simplicity. In actuality, there is a single bonus round to watch out for, and it involves a five-lap race.

Scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 are crucial. The Free Spins bonus round activates when three are in sight. Before the race begins, 5 options are provided; each one considerably impacting the way the bonus round is controlled. Whatever driver is used, the value of each symbol is increased by a factor of five.

However, the volatility and number of free spins provided both decrease as the symbol’s value increases. The maximum win is also directly impacted, making the decision much more difficult. Here are your choices:

There are 12 no-deposit spins on Firefly, and its volatility is 3/5.

The volatility of Alpha is 3.5/5 and it comes with 11 free spins.

Bolt has a volatility of 4/5 and comes with 10 free spins.

Ignite offers 4.5/5 volatility along with 9 free spins.

Vapor has a volatility of 5/5 and comes with 8 free spins.

The race can begin once a driver is chosen. A canister of nitrous oxide has been added as a new game icon. There are five levels in total, and progressing to the next one requires collecting three Nitro symbols. When this occurs, the player receives additional free spins and the possibility of having lower-paying symbols upgraded to higher-paying ones.

Result of the Street Racer

Despite featuring tough-guy racers, massive engines, and well-known landmarks, Street Racer lacks the excitement one may expect from a slot game. There are benefits for both car fans and slot players, but car fans will fall for it far more easily. The notion of free spins races can be entertaining and provide sufficient winnings through increased symbol values. However, Street Racer lacks a certain punch. Akin to a petrolhead who constructs a replica Lamborghini Countach but installs a four-cylinder engine.

While many will be drawn in by Street Racer’s stylish exterior, the game’s internals let it down. Wins of up to 2,000 times the initial wager are achievable, thus the low potential isn’t a deal breaker. Despite this, the game’s core lacks inspiration, and it feels incomplete.

There are a number of auto racing-themed slot machines out there, but they’re not all that amazing. When you think about how many people truly care about vehicles, it’s hard to believe. Street Racer is a fun slot machine with a car theme, but it has room for improvement. Surprisingly for the subject matter, it’s also not very exciting. Nothing fundamental is wrong with it, but it doesn’t seem to get the engine going very often.

Witnessing a high-powered car go from zero to sixty in a split second is a sight to behold. Although Street Racer is not terrible, it might have benefited from more of that unadulterated adrenaline rush. Rally 4 Riches, a slot machine from Play’n GO, is a good option if you enjoy racing but would rather avoid paved roads.

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